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Author: Gerald V. Todd
Date:  July 10, 2019

Topic category:  Racial Issues

What Effect did Melting Glaciers have on Racial Development Through Migratory DNA modification?

250,000 years ago, the polar ice caps expanded widely and deeply. They didn’t start melting back until 26,500 to 10,000 years ago. About the time humans started roaming the earth. Was it more than just a coincidence we ended up with differing characteristics defined as racial?

There are those who do the usual human thing, boasting or accusing others of racial and ethnic inferiority, or of privilege or superiority. Are they missing the most important points? It’s about racial development and their outcomes working together as unique human beings.

We are now in a very special time of learning, sharing and building because of the availability of modern travel and communications, tools and material. Everything we have and are is within reach.

Many are newly aware of the infinite diversity of human capabilities and the means to bring them to reality for good or evil. This fundamental human diversity has nothing to do with race, the common limitation on human value. It has to do with the human, no matter their current status.

We live in a moral universe where decisions must be made. Those inspired are responding by working, enjoying each others’ gifts and talents, creating, profiting and striving to make humanity better.

Wars and rumors of wars are common to the human species. Most ancient civilizations were formed around warfare and the deification of those who led the conflicts. There must be something else that produced an innate set of abilities that are now being integrated into all racial groups for the benefit of human beings across the globe.

Why have whites produced more advanced Technology, Science, Mathematics, Patents, Music, Art, Literature than any racial group in our times? Is this a natural phenomenon, grasping for power over others, or the result of humankind’s early migration or lack thereof? Did migration, along with its myriad challenges, provide the necessary resistance and challenges every human being needs for personal growth and survival to pass to future generations?

My goal is to reason why whites achieved so much of what became Western Civilization, their own human progress and development in religion, the arts and sciences. That didn’t stop wars and rumors of wars and man’s inhumanity to man. Unfortunately, that comes with the human psyche, no matter what color or ethnic origin we are, or where we landed. Jesus said, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

What happened to people who followed the melting of the glacial ice cap that retreated as the Earth warmed? Did humanoids’ skins turn lighter as they pushed the snow line northward from their origins in very black-skinned East Central Africa into what is now Europe? Did other groups turn lighter, but only browner because they didn’t push as far north as to North Africa and across Asia? Did they develop facial features and DNA changes suitable for high winds across the steppes? Is Africa called “The Dark Continent” for the peoples’ limited migration? Are the barrel-chested Andeans of South America adapted to high altitude living and working, requiring larger lung capacity?

The global ice sheet extended across Canada, Northern USA and across Northern Europe and Northern Asia. Scientists tell us the last Glacial Maximum started 200,000 – 250,000 years ago and reached its maximum 26,500 years ago and started melting back. The only source for such phenomena over the millennia had to be a change in the amount of heat and other radiation coming from the sun. Solar maximums and minimums have occurred and been scientifically measured over the eons. Human climate activity compared to solar cycles is puny at best. Our responsibility is stewardship and the creation and maintenance of beauty as ones made in the image and likeness of our Creator.

Wikipedia has a pretty thorough study of the Earth through the last Glacial Maximum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Glacial_Maximum

Apparently for us, global warming from a solar change was a good thing.

The Southern Hemisphere experienced the same events. The ice melted back to points better suited to human habitation. Is this a positive example of the return of global warming due to a new solar maximum? We’d like it to stay this warm forever. History is not on our side, as much as we think we’re big enough to make it even warmer.

DNA studies of indigenous people around the world show we all came from one set of parents in a very black skinned area of East Central Africa. National Geographic’s Genographic Project was a 5-year study of human DNA from 2000 to April 2005 when it was introduced to the public. Our DNA has proven to change as our forebears migrated around the Earth. What shaped the races as we see them today included the effects of weather, geography, resources, cross breeding and challenges to their very existence, including tribal warfare.

Here is a National Geographic Genographic map showing our common origin in East Central Africa with DNA traced migratory paths around the world.


The Genographic Project introduced a five year study all the now popular Ancestry stuff in 2005. I was fortunate to be at the National Geographic headquarters when the project was announced to the public.  The Genographic Project was designed to obtain DNA samples from indigenous people all over the world before modern transportation and mobility got them all mixed up and difficult to trace to their origins. I think I see why Asians, Semites, Caucasians, Blacks and Meso-Americans are so different and yet so alike.
These first parents started modern human development about 55-65,000 years ago. Even today, we have generally common, interchangeable blood types and capabilities of learning and passing along knowledge.

Mathematical Philosopher, Count Alfred Korzybski referred to humans as “Time Binders.” He referred to plants as “Area Binders” and animals as “Space Binders.”

Time Binders have the capability of discovery, development and sharing of knowledge with other humans that can be passed along to future generations, regardless of race or ethnicity. It doesn’t matter what skin color and racial features, including the usual range of intelligence and giftedness found in each population group. In a modern global society, it is of critical importance that we learn to share and prosper by our unique cultural developments and discoveries, perhaps developed because of our ancestors’ wanderings or lack thereof.

Korzybski stated: “To regard human beings as tools — as instruments — for the use of other human beings is not only unscientific but it is repugnant, stupid and short sighted. Tools are made by man but have not the autonomy of their maker — they have not man's time-binding capacity for initiation, for self-direction, and self-improvement.” (Developers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may differ, but the technology has no basis in the spirit and transcendence of humanity.)

This is not the time to be accusing and angrily calling one a white supremacist for long ago ventures of discovery and application that are benefitting everyone. Today, a Detroit music festival plans to charge whites double for tickets to the festival. Today the infinite range of gifts and talents common to all humanity can benefit all. The combination would be beautiful and beneficial to all, especially if the Spirit of Wisdom accompanies the process.

The human condition in a moral universe demands that wisdom can only be attained by an individual seeking transcendence beyond the moment. It can only be attained by spiritual growth of the “Time Binder.
” I have to assume our Creator gave us this true diversity so there has always been the needed range of intellect, creativity and skills for a societal group to survive. We can’t all be cooks. There have to be bottle washers too. All dignified work, no matter the task. Wisdom is more important than book knowledge and available to all who ask for and seek it.

Many migrated across Africa, others about the Earth to other climates and opportunities and challenges as the ice melted back, or for other reasons unknown. I’m exploring how those of us who developed lighter skin color and other features became a dominant factor in Western Civilization and the creativity that comes from it. The Asians certainly had their own magnificent development as well as those who settled in the Middle East and created the great civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. We all came from the same original set of parents, if the Genographic Project is right. God apparently had the same thoughts for our first parents, their failures and the One He pre-announced His coming to them.

There may be a good reason why whites have produced the vast majority of patents, music and original works, regardless of current ethnic or national ties. It has little to do with modern “white supremacy or white privilege,” but more on what that population group met in challenges and opportunities as they migrated into colder and more geographically challenging regions. They, for whatever reason, chose to migrate ever northward as the ice cap melted back, facing new challenges that got into their DNA. It also spurred a special kind of creativity. Other groups developed different and yet challenging structures and belief systems.

Adaptations served the ever whitening skin of the northbound pioneers giving them domination in modern discovery and cultural and scientific progress. The Mesopotamian’s and Asians and their migratory relatives in the Americas are studies others have labored on. It is whites who can’t adequately defend their value as others are discovering their own potentials on the foundations whites have laid out as a matter of course and survival.

Migration required constant adaptation, including lightening of features and skin color, instead of the usual human development confined to one general area. It had to be a tremendous challenge of Subsidiarity, personal responsibility for survival in new areas; Solidarity as tribal groups settled into agriculture and cities for survival and defense against the inevitable destructive enemies all humanity faces; and the Chaos of unexpected opportunities and discoveries that led to increased curiosity and inventiveness. 

In my opinion, it is this combination in recent times that Made America Great - and continues her Greatness in spite of challenges to dependence and mediocrity from others who prefer a totalitarian state. The USA has always strived to be in a position to draw all races into the process through incorporating the principles of Subsidiarity and Solidarity, not one or the other. The progress and specialness of our Melting Pot is sure proof of the opportunities waiting to be uncovered by any who will strive for them.

No one needs apologize for their racial backgrounds. Whites are a product of their own adaptation to unique challenges. Other racial groups, for reasons only God knows, migrated along paths that led them to their own special development. Browner skinned people had their own well-developed civilizations that came and went, but left behind a hunger and search for greater and more beautiful things. Blacks who remained in Africa grew into special routines for survival, but had the same human hunger for something beyond. They also had the time and inclination to teach their children pride in their heritage to where many black tribes know their ancestry by heart as far back as 28 generations. I can’t identify my great-great grandparents

Our challenge, rather than demanding restitution, is instead to solve problems and bring personal and cultural enrichment, peace and prosperity. We already have the capability to discover the true diversity of our own gifts and talents. Many are demonstrating it by high achievement and inner satisfaction in service to self, family, community and humanity.

Gerald V. Todd

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