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Author: Nicholas Stix
Date:  February 3, 2019

Topic category:  Other/General

The Super Bowl: To Watch, or Not to Watch?

I'll be watching, and here's why.

Because of black supremacists and white Uncle Toms (the owners, Comm Roger Goodell, and some players, like Hall of Famer/analyst Howie Long's son), I have stopped watching regular season games, and I forgot to watch the playoffs this year, prior to the conference championship games. However, I am convinced that Tom Brady, now 41, is the greatest player in NFL history. (Who comes close? This will be Brady’s ninth SB!) So, am I going to let the aforementioned characters cheat me out of seeing Brady in what may be his last Super Bowl?

However, this SB is already tainted, due to a black referee cheating the Saints and their great QB, Drew Breese, 39, in the NFC Championship Game, with the Non-Call Heard 'Round the World. Thus, the Rams have no business in the game. No matter who wins, the game gets an asterisk. This should have been the Old White Men's Bowl.

I’ll be rooting for Brady and the Patriots out of racial reasons. Race ought to play no role in my enthusiasms. Indeed, since my team, the Jets, have been out of it for years, due to incompetent ownership by white Uncle Toms more interested in sucking up to black supremacists than in putting a winning team on the field, I shouldn’t have a dog in this fight.

But I’m not the one who reduced pro football—like everything else—to race war.

As I’ve said before, You may not be interested in race war, but race war is interested in you.

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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