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Author: Tony Phyrillas
Date:  June 21, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Congress has no credibility left on immigration

Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats are more interested in registering the "undocumented Americans" as they like to call the illegals as members of the Democratic Party than they are in enforcing U.S. laws.

While politicians in Washington spend countless hours debating an immigration reform bill hundreds of pages long, the illegal alien dilemma can be summed up with one brief news item from the Poconos region of Pennsylvania.

The headline: "81 illegal immigrants arrested at Poconos plastics plant"

One raid. One business. In one day, 81 illegal aliens rounded up. This is happening everywhere in the United States and shows that the federal government is unwilling or incapable of enforcing existing laws on immigration.

Congress has no credibility left on the immigration issue. What makes you think Ted Kennedy is going to enforce any of the new measures included in his bill?

The amnesty provision that Kennedy, Sen. John McCain and President Bush are pushing is premature.

Here's three-step plan for dealing with illegal immigration.

1) Secure the border first.

2) Find the illegals already inside the U.S.

3) Then, and only then, should we debate what’s to be done with the 12 million illegals.

Wednesday's raid at the Pennsylvania plastics plant by federal agents shows exactly why the current laws don't work. The owners of the manufacturing plant told authorities they had no idea that the 81 workers were illegal.

Since when are companies in the habit of allowing anyone to walk into their facility, let alone people who spend at least 8 hours a day there and collect a paycheck?

The plastics firm blamed a temporary agency for sending the 81 illegal workers to it.

Funny how nobody at the plastics firm noticed that all 81 of the illegal workers were named Pedro Gonzalez. Coincidence I guess.

There's entirely too much collusion between big business and Washington politicians on the immigration question.

Where are the sanctions that Kennedy and the open border crowd say are included in immigration reform? There are no teeth behind the immigration bill before Congress.

Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats are more interested in registering the "undocumented Americans" as they like to call the illegals as members of the Democratic Party than they are in enforcing our laws.

The Pennsylvania company, which makes plastic squeeze tubes for lotions, has not been charged with wrongdoing. Government officials would not identify the temp agency that supplied the illegals to the manufacturing firm.

This sort of thing is happening in every state. The people charged with enforcing our laws have failed to do their job. This is why we must stop Congress from selling our national sovereignty.

Tony Phyrillas
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