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Author: Tony Phyrillas
Date:  August 14, 2006

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Howard Dean and the Democrats still don't get it

More proof that American voters can't trust the Democrats when it comes to security issues.

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean was in San Francisco for a campaign rally the other day when he made the following remarks, which demonstrate again why he was rejected as the party's presidential nominee two years ago.

Asked by reporters to respond to the news of the arrest of two dozen terror plotters in England and Pakistan, Dean said the event was staged by President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to prop up their political standing.

"The president and his team out there -- Karl Rove and all his folks -- they're trying to scare people again. You hear what they said about Ned Lamont's win: 'Oh, well, that's a good thing for al-Qaida.' That's what Dick Cheney said. I'll tell you what the best recruiting tool for al-Qaida has been, and you know who that is."

This is the kind of hysterical nonsense that we've heard so many times before from the man who heads the Democratic Party.

Instead of applauding the news that a terrorist plot to blow up as many as 10 passenger jets bound for the United States was foiled by authorities, Howard Dean makes political hay of the threat.

And you wonder why voters won't take Democrats seriously when it comes to national security. Exhibit 1 is Howard Dean, the man who screamed his way into political infamy in 2004 and has continue to embarrass his own party over the past two years.

Howard Dean, like so many left-wing radicals, just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that the United States is involved in a global war against Islamic fascists bent on killing every man, woman and child in the country. That includes Democrats.

Dean wants you to think that the war on terror is a Bush administration campaign to "scare us again" and keep Republicans in control.

Well, Dr. Dean, I am scared.

The possibility of 10 airplanes loaded with fuel and passengers exploding over American cities or crashing into buildings in New York, Washington or Philadelphia scare me.

The prospect of 40,000-strong army of terrorists known as Hezbollah on Israel's northern border scares me. Hezbollah is funded by Iran, trained by Iran and equipped with Iranian missiles.

Iran with nuclear weapons scares me, especially when its obvious Iran is waging a proxy war against the United States to drive us out of Iraq and Afghanistan so it can control the Middle East and continue to breed terrorists scares me.

The possibility that Iran could cut off our oil supply and destroy our economy scares me.

Unlike Howard Dean, I remember where I was five years ago when 3,000 American died on Sept. 11, 2001. How quickly Dean forgets, especially if he thinks it can help his party politically.

The mid-term Congressional elections of 2006 -- just like the 2004 presidential election -- and the 2008 elections come down to one issue: National security.

Which party can best protect the United States from the threat of Islamic fascists?

It's not the party of Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Ned Lamont, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The U.S. House of Representatives may go back to the Democrats this November, but that's typical of what happens in the last two years of the second term of a presidency. American voters are fickle and have a short-attention span. They get bored with presidents. Bush fatigue has set in.

Regardless of what happens in the House, the Senate will remain in GOP control and Bush has another two years to go in his term. Voters may want to send a message to Bush that he bungled the Iraq War by voting in a bunch of anti-war Democrats to the House, but deep down, Americans feel safer having Bush as president.

It's also important to note that British authorities arrested the 24 terrorists thanks in large part to expanded surveillance and police powers granted to law enforcement in that country. These are the same law enforcement techniques that have come under fire in this country by Howard Dean and many others in the Democratic Party, the ACLU and the left-wing press, led by the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, a senior American official confirmed that the British disruption of the plot to down airliners began with the follow-up investigation after last summer's suicide attacks on the London subways, which killed 52 people.

"MI-5 (the British version of the CIA) tracked everyone involved in the London attacks," the official told the Times. "Their past movements, phone calls and e-mails, everything. It was comprehensive in much the same way that the FBI conducted the post-9/11 investigation."

It was that investigation that led British authorities to the suspects in the current plot and allowed them to insert an undercover officer, which is something American authorities can't do because you have Howard Dean, the ACLU, and the New York Times working to undermine U.S. security.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of 9/11, Howard Dean and the Democrats need a reminder of the grave threat facing the American people.

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