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Author: Tony Phyrillas
Date:  January 30, 2006

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Turns out nearly everybody hates Ted Kennedy

If you thought I was tough on Teddy, you should see what the rest of the country thinks of him.

I received about 40 e-mails in response to my recent column, "Ted Kennedy, Clown Prince of the Senate." Thatís pretty good. I usually get about a dozen responses to most columns. If you thought I was tough on Teddy, you should see what the rest of the country thinks of him.

I especially like the comment from the woman in Massachussetts, who apparently is the only person in that state willing to admit they've never voted for Ted Kennedy.

Hereís a sampling of reader responses (at least the ones that were clean enough to share):

Letter 1: Loved your piece on Ted Kennedy. You were right on! Amazing that this scumbag is re-elected back into office every time! The people of Massachusetts are certainly not the sharpest razors in the sneaker! Pompous, bloated, raging liberal. Promotes a socialist government because he has the money. Thank you for your insight. I look forward to more of your writings. I am local. Live in Uwchlan Township. Have a great day!

Letter 2: It's amazing how many Americans (especially those in "Taxachussetts" -- LOL) are actually fooled by this jackass.

Letter 3: Keep it coming. What about the "offshore" trust for the Kennedys.

Letter 4: Thank you very, very much for your columns that are published regularly in the Mercury's opinion section. I enjoy reading them and they expose the political left for who they really are. I really like your commentary on left-wing bad-boys like Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Ted Kennedy, "Little Dick" Durbin, and Jack Murtha. I'm glad someone is there to defend America. I'm also glad someone is there to defend the U.S. Military and its fine men and women who keep us free and secure while putting their lives at risk each and every day. Its funny, you rarely (if ever) hear the left thanking our troops for their sacrifices and for the service they do for this country. Instead, it's rip this, rip that about them and how the U.S. can't do anything right or win its wars. I also find it funny that they claim that they "support the troops, but not the war." If that's the case, why don't you ever see the left asking the troops how they feel about it? They almost always go to some Michael Moore-antiwar type and its almost always that person's opinion that seems to count. Keep up the good work and I hope to continue reading your pieces. Thanks again!

Letter 5: You said exactly, what I have been saying about Ted Kennedy. In my opinion, he is an abomination, and has no business representing the state of Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy is an incompetent boob, and it is a mystery to me how that state keeps reelecting Ted Kennedy or John Kerry. Neither one of them has an ounce of integrity. I would like to get your permission, to put your commentary, on the AOL Message Board. I hear no one explain, on that board, why he keeps getting elected, unless it is the pork, that he doesn't eat. I'm sure be can browbeat the Democrat's into doing his biding. What these mean spirited Senators did to Judge Alito, was unconscionable, and no one should have to go through that. It is no wonder that we can't get decent people to run for Government Offices. Thank you for an excellent commentary.

Letter 6: Thanks for speaking up about the Boston Blimp. He's a revolting excuse for a human being. About four years ago, he made a disgusting pass at a young woman who was serving as a Senate Page. I knew her from her early teens, saw her confirmed at my church, (St. Peter Lutheran of Greenwood Village, CO), and consider her to be of unimpeachable character. He is a corrupt, wretched representative of our Congress, and a disgrace to our nation.

Letter 7: We read all of your columns and really enjoy them. The article on Ted Kennedy (The Clown Prince) was the best yet. How could he possibly question anyone else about their background, when I'm sure he'd be ashamed to answer any questions about his? Please continue what you are doing to expose the democrats. Keep up the good work!

Letter 8: Thank you for saying what every intelligent thinking person in America is biting at the bit to say. Ted Kennedy is an embarrassment to this country and good patriots everywhere. My fantasy is that someday Massachusetts will make this column required reading in all their high schools. Maybe there will be hope for them yet.

Letter 9: A million Kudos and more for Tony Phyrillas and The Mercury newspaper. A great columnist and editors who have the guts to call the recent activity by the Democrat Senator honestly! There are a number of papers who bend over backwards kissing Kennedyís, and many other politicians, butts by refusing to call their behavior realistically. The Democrats are a joke and act like court jesters, especially Ted Killer/Hic Kennedy. I wish you and your editor continued success and good health and many more years of printing the truth. Thank you!

Letter 10: I'm from Massachusetts, and this was a beautifully written article. For the record, I've never voted for Ted Kennedy...

Letter 11: Thank you for having the courage to tell it like it is. What a shame that a country like ours has to deal with a person like Kennedy and shame on Massachusetts for sending him back year after year! I am sure everyone outside Massachusetts agrees with you entirely.

Letter 12: Amen brother; I couldn't have said it better. That slimeball should have drowned with Kopechne. The world would be better off without him. He made an absolute fool of himself AND the democratic party during the Alito hearings. The others you mentioned, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean (ugh), Durbin, Barabra Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Joe Biden are just as bad as Kennedy. All I can say is, go on with this type of liberal thinking and you will NEVER gain power again. I have never in my 75 years seen such bitter people, who were defeated in the last two elections, who just keep sinking deeper into the cesspool of liberal beliefs and embarrass their own Democratic members. I hope your message reaches people throughout the United States and I will help you by forwarding your message to many of my e-mail friends. Long live the Republic! Down with liberals!

Letter 13: I received this piece as an email and didn't think anyone would ever have the guts to put such a thing on paper. I researched this and was so glad to know that you actually wrote this. Kudos to you. Maybe you should send each voter in Massachusetts a copy of this. They just don't realize how stupid they look to the rest of the world when they keep voting this Bozo in. Keep up the good work.

Letter 14: Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this piece. You reminded me of the reasons I don't care for this man and why I'm proud to say I'm Republican! Keep up the good work!

Letter 15: Too bad you're so timid and shy in writing your column. Just wish you would tell it like it is... LOL. Wish I had written this! Thank you so much. Bravo.

Letter 16: I cannot agree more with columnist Tony Phyrillas about Ted Kennedy being a buffoon. Actually, that description is a bit modest! Here is a guy who has been taking tax dollars for doing absolutely nothing since 1962 and the nitwits in Massachusetts keep voting him into office. Here is a guy who should have served time in prison for the selfish murdering of Mary Jo Kopechne when he left her in the sinking car to die, and then returned to a party to get refilled! Here is a guy who can't stay off the bottle and should properly be nicknamed 'Corky' since his mouth is usually on the end of a bottle like a cork! Here is a guy who lambasted Samuel Alito for belonging to an exclusive 'men only' club, a club where he also was a member until this week. This fathead rode the Kennedy name for a long time and I also think it's high time he faded away. He uses up a lot of good New England oxygen! I only hope that he someday turns his life to God and stops sticking it to all of us Americans. What a jerk!

Letter 17: Thanks for making my day! Think you should get a Pulitzer for telling the truth. Now would you like to come down to Louisiana and write the truth about New Orleans and Katrina? I am a native of LA and am ashamed that the people of this state have been treated to such garbage. I live where Rita hit. Ever hear of that name? Cameron Parish is gone, but who cares? Let's take care of those blacks who didn't lose anything because they never owned anything that wasn't paid for by the tax payers of the state and country. Every law in the state of Louisiana states "with the exception of Orleans Parish". The country is being sold a bill of goods! I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I am not against blacks, just know that bunch in New Orleans. Our highways in the Western part of the state can't get built to get the people out of South LA. Why? So that we can keep paying to do what New Orleans wants. Appreciate honest reporting, thanks for being one with GUTS!!!

Letter 18: Inspiring, well said, well done! Journalists like you -- speak for us all!

Letter 19: We have just read your column on Ted Kennedy and have to, immediately, say to you: BRAVO!! BRAVO!! We totally agree!

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