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Author: Tony Phyrillas
Date:  January 19, 2006

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A liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste

An author explores how liberals lost touch with the average American and have lost their marbles in the process.

Nobody cuts to the chase of exposing the twisted thinking of liberals better than Michael Savage, the talk radio host and best-selling author.

In his most recent book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder," Savage poses the following questions for the Howard Dean-Cindy Sheehan-John Murtha crowd:

• Why would a liberal call those who cut off people’s heads and kill our troops and innocent civilians "insurgents" and "freedom fighters" instead of terrorists?

• Why do they judge America’s troops but not the throat-cutters?

• Why are they so outraged over Abu Ghraib but had nothing to say when Saddam sent hundreds of thousands of people to an early grave?

• Why do they bash George W. Bush for the casualties in Iraq but not Bill Clinton when he dropped bombs on the Serbian people?

The term "liberal" has taken an interesting twist in today's society. Originally, the word meant "open-minded, tolerant, freethinking, broadminded." That definition could not be further from the truth in describing today's political "liberal," who can best be described as a "follower, narrow-minded, fanatical, a conformist and intolerant."

"Whether you know it or not, as a liberal, you are a prisoner," Savage writes. "For far too long you have lived in a cage where liberal ideas — and only liberal ideas — are expressed. It’s entirely possible that you never meet or listen to anybody outside of your small circle of liberal thinkers. And if there is a dissenting opinion raised, which is very rare in your cloistered environments, the person offering that opinion is laughed at as being an eccentric throwback to a more primitive time."

Do you begin to see now how easy it is for so many seemingly intelligent Americans to be seduced by the Dark Side?

It's so much easier to conform than to think for yourself. Because liberals congregate toward education as a profession, most teachers in high school and college are liberal. Everyone wants to be liked by their teachers or professors, so conformity is the natural choice.

Then you have the liberal media, which distorts your view of the world the more you read, listen or watch it. The explosive growth of conservative talk radio, Fox News and conservative Internet sites is a reaction to the far left control of the mainstream media.

Liberals also tend to be on the rich side, the graduates of Ivy League schools. The elite of American society. Savage uses the term "Lexus Liberals" to describe the "Kerry-brand liberals who despise the nation that made their wealth."

It's a wonder that more Americans don't support liberal positions considering the indoctrination by the liberal propaganda machine.

"In the end, your tolerance of the intolerable is actually a reflection of your loss of clarity; your tolerance of virtually everything and your ‘anything goes’ attitude is not a mark of liberalism, it's a mark of the degeneration of your ability to judge anything," Savage writes.

The sad thing about the allure of liberalism is that it has taken over the minds of so many well-educated and well-intentioned Americans. It has infected the entire Democratic Party.

Do Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton share the same values as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, Democrats who led the fight against fascists in World War II and held the Soviets in check during the Cold War? Do the left-wing millionaires who divide their times from ritzy townhouses in Washington, D.C., and their stately mansions back home know anything about John F. Kennedy's dream to land an American on the moon or Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty?

Michael Moore. Cindy Sheehan. Al Franken. Rob "Meathead" Reiner. Jane Fonda. Harry "Banana Boat" Belafonte. These folks represent the cultural intellectuals of the American left. Who do they speak for? And why do they hate this country so much?

Where was the radical left during the eight years of the Clinton administration? Didn't we have poor people then? Wasn't anybody out of work? Didn't we have greedy corporations taking advantage for workers in the 1990s? Didn’t we have corrupt politicians before the GOP controlled Congress? Where was "peace activist" Cindy Sheehan when Bill Clinton sent U.S. troops into Kosovo, Haiti and Somalia? And why are U.S. troops still in Kosovo five years after Clinton left office?

The far-left has been around for decades. Some Americans even find liberals amusing. But times have changed. America is engaged in a life-and-death struggle with a new evil — radical Islam.

"We have a terrorist enemy who wants to kill us, the demented voices of the left actually defend and dismiss such evil — worse, the left blames us for their hatred," Savage writes. "Because of the mental disorder of liberalism, America is being divided from without and within. Ultimately, such sedition sets the stage for the complete meltdown of our security."

All members of the U.S. House of Representatives are up for re-election and one-third of the Senate faces the voters in 2006. Think about what's at stake for the future of this country. Would you trust Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton to protect your family?

If the Democratic Party wants to be taken seriously, mainstream Democrats have to look at the public face and voice of their party.

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