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Author: J. Aaron Paciulli
Date:  January 3, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

The Folly of Exopolitics

While I’m someone who appreciates meaninglessness – if only because it is all around us – I happened on to a concept that seems to be gaining speed and, subsequently, the power of irritation. This is the concept of exopolitics. Even spell-check refuses to recognize it.

Exopolitics is the study of the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, or discovered elsewhere. What got me on this as a topic of annoyance was a profoundly naïve interview with a man named Steve Bassett, conducted by the people at something called Project Camelot. By means of background, Project Camelot is a website that purports to muddle up the genuine history of extraterrestrial activities on our planet with nonsense about “Stargates”, time travel and so-called “whistleblowers” supposedly within the government. Project Camelot’s site contains video interviews – most of which I have viewed 10 to 15 times – with people who range from the highly credible (Richard Hoagland, Bob Dean, John Lear) to the deeply delusional (Bill Deagle, Benjamin Fulford, Dan Burisch and the deeply troubled David Wilcock.) Don’t get me wrong: the site is highly valuable for the credible people that are interviewed. My issue is that the folks at Project Camelot propose to battle the elitism of the Illuminati with the elitism of their “Ground Crew”, which basically means the wealthy people they have interviewed and those “in the know”, leaving the rest of us “unwashed masses” to deal with worldwide turmoil as little more than food.

That being said, the Steve Bassett audio interview was astounding in its voluntary blindness. Bassett is evangelically convinced that Barack Obama will be the President to instigate “disclosure”, which is the wholesale exposure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and the entire UFO cover-up over the past 60 years or more. The shear naiveté of Bassett is amazing in that he actually believes that a) exopolitics is legitimate when it comes to dealing with completely alien paradigms, and b) that a neophyte like Obama will be allowed by the Power Elite to disclose anything this sensitive. But, like a born-again Christian, Bassett droned on and on about how it is inevitable and that the United States must disclose these facts before any other nation beats us to it.

Yeah…no. Not going to happen.

Every indication is that these “visitors” of ours will disclose themselves at their own convenience. [NOTE: Their convenience apparently does not coincide with that of Blossom Goodchild, the disgraced “channeler” who predicted a mass UFO sighting on October 14 of 2008. Worked famously, didn’t it?] I rather doubt that anyone in our government or anyone else’s has the slightest clue about who these visitors are or what they intend, let alone trying to impose a political interpretation on anything so foreign.

Exopolitics is nothing more than “busy work” for intellectuals with nothing to do, lacking the depth to contemplate the more profound implications of creatures who have probably been our angels, demons and apparitions for hundreds of thousands of years. No, reducing the most important event in human history to pseudo-intellectual ruminations is a brand of heresy that is uniquely American and ultimately useless.

J. Aaron Paciulli
The New Elsewhere

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J. Aaron Paciulli is a graduate of one of the most prestigious music colleges in the US, and he holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Political Science. An accomplished jazz musician for more than 30 years, he has been featured in numerous studio recording sessions and rock bands, particularly in NYC, Albany, NY and Boston, MA, performing as drummer, bassist or keyboardist. Currently, Paciulli is a professional development consultant working for non-profit organizations and private businesses.

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