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Author: Jim Kouri
Date:  May 20, 2006

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If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must Be a Liberal

by Jim Kouri, CPP

The Bush White House on Thursday requested a mere $1.9 billion from Congress to increase border security as a key immigration reform bill appears likely to pass in the US Senate.

While he signed legislation that created a drug prescription program that costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, President Bush is asking for less then $2 Billion for protecting US sovereignty. Security on the cheap while creating a huge entitlement -- he sounds like a liberal to this writer.

The White House said the money will pay for the first 1,000 of 6,000 new Border Patrol agents that will be deployed ove the next two years, as well as the temporary deployment of 6,000 National Guard troops to the southern border The request also includes funding for new fencing and other barriers as well as two new unmanned aerial aircraft and five helicopters to help curtail illegal immigration, according to the Associated Press.

Critics complain that the Bush Administration spends billions upon billions of dollars on foreign aid and Iraq reconstruction, but when it comes to "our own borders, the President becomes thrifty."

The White House sent the border security money request to Congress as US President George W. Bush traveled to Yuma, Arizona, to show his commitment to border control and push for national support of his immigration reforms. The cynic in this writer believes Bush's border dog-and-pony show was designed to take Americans' attention away from what the Democrats and some Republicans are doing in Washington to a bill that will encourage even more illegal aliens to sneak into the United States.

Senate leaders said they hope for passage of the controversial immigration legislation by next week, though the prospect is still uncertain. Many Americans are hoping that when the bill goes back to the House of Representatives, they will squash the entire immigration reform bill.

Although the Senatebill includes measures to tighten security atthe borders, it creates a new guest-worker program and offers a path to citizenship for roughly 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country.

Bush, who supports the bill in principal, gave the debate momentum on Monday by announcing the deployment of 6,000 National Guard troops to southwestern border states to support the Border Patrol.

But he was quick to inform Mexican President Vicente Fox and the liberal-left in the United States that the Guard troops would not be armed and would not enforce immigration laws.

Opponents of the bill said the big fight will occur when negotiators try to merge the Senate bill with the House's version which will increase the penalties for all illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, the President's plan to put National Guard troops on the US-Mexico border is drawing mixed reactionsin Washington, with Democrats suchas Senator Dick "USSoldiers are Nazis" Durbin and Senator Ted"the Swimmer" Kennedy opposing plan.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld defended the plan, "They're not going to be out there with guns standing on the border shooting at people that are trying to come across the border. That's not, they're not in law enforcement. They're not going to be doing that type of thing. They're going to be backing up the border patrol."

So Americans know what the National Guard troops won't do, but have little information on what they will do to stop the invasion of the United States.

Jim Kouri
Chief of Police Magazine (Contributing Editor)

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