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Thursday, July 31, 2014

WEBCommentary.com News, Politics, and Commentary -  daily commentary about news, politics, and other topics including conservative, liberal, environmental, constitutional, objectivist, and libertarian issues.

House candidate Lenar Whitney: Global Warming Is A Hoax

July 31, 2014:

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • Alan Caruba (National Anxiety Center)

    Climate Alarmists Never Quit!
    Despite a cooling climate, warmist-alarmist proponents forge ahead with their propaganda, defiant of nature and common sense
    In the same way Americans are discovering that the Cold War that was waged from the end of World War Two until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not over, Americans continue to be subjected to the endless, massive, global campaign to foist the hoax of global warming--now called climate change—on everyone.
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  • Paul Driessen (Eco-Imperialism)

    Who’s really waging the ‘war on science’?
    When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered
    Global warming alarmists constantly claim they are being “harassed” by climate chaos skeptics. The Climate Armageddon-istas proclaim they are victims, and the American Geophysical Union has even created a “Climate Science Legal Defense Fund,” to pay mounting legal bills that alarmist scientists like Michael Mann have incurred. But the real war on honest science and scientists is being waged by those who have garnered billions of taxpayer, foundation and corporate dollars for alarmist research, and thus have the most to lose when the public finally figures out what’s been going on. No wonder they are in a tizzy.
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  • Climate Change Dispatch (Author, Climate Change Dispatch)

    Puzzle of deep ocean cooling
    The deep oceans have been cooling for the past two decades and it is not possible to say whether changes in ocean heat adequately explain the “pause” in global warming, two of the world’s leading ocean scientists have said. Warmer oceans have been a key explanation for the “missing” heat. Global average surface temperatures have not increased dramatically for more than a decade despite steadily rising carbon dioxide levels in the ­atmosphere.
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  • Guest Author:  CBCNews

    Air conditioner service calls down during cool summer
    This July could down as one of the coolest on record, of late. That's bad news for air condition repair companies. The normal high temperature in Windsor, Canada, this time of year is 28˚ C (82˚ F). Looking ahead, the temperature isn't expected to hit that number once before the end of July. Which means this July will have had only two days of 30-degree heat. Jim Bessey says service calls to his air conditioning business are consequently down about 20 per cent this summer.
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  Corruption in Government

  • Lloyd Marcus (Lloyd Marcus)

    Joe Biden is a Vile Little Man
    Words can not express my disdain for the reprehensible behavior of VP Joe Biden and his Democrat co-conspirators. At a gathering of mostly black civil rights leaders Biden strategically launched a nasty false narrative for the sole propose of ginning up racial hate and division.
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  Imperial Obama Presidency

  International Affairs/Foreign Policy

  Politically Correct Insanity

July 30, 2014:

  Corruption in Government

  Elections - Politics, Polling, etc.


July 29, 2014:


July 28, 2014:

  Corruption in Government



  • Lawrence Rosner (Founder, The Society Project)

    The Joke of Foreign Aid is on us.
    Perhaps cutting all Military Foreign Aid could be unfair to our allies. However... What we give to our allies is a pittance compared to what goes to our Enemies. If we don't cut off ALL foreign Aid, at least stop giving foreign aid to our ENEMIES! Could there be some areas where funding might help? Sure. But the Corrupt government of self centered Political Parties is incapable of discerning where that might be.
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July 27, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Religion & Philosophy in the News

July 26, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • UK Register (UK Register)

    Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'
    People all around the world, responding to a survey by Ipsos MORI, have generally agreed with the ideas that scientists don't really know what they're talking about when it comes to the climate – and that governments are using environmental issues as an excuse to raise taxes. On balance the people of the world concurred with the statement "even the scientists don't really know what they're talking about on environmental issues", with only 42 per cent disagreeing and 48 per cent agreeing. Disbelief in scientific climate expertise was strongest in China, Japan and Germany.
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July 25, 2014:

  Family Oriented

  • Lloyd Marcus (Lloyd Marcus)

    In Fond Memory of Don, My Father-in-Law
    Don was a hard-working man who not only provided and nurtured his family, but his extended family, and anyone else in need. Mary said as a child she remembers washing dishes for 11 people in their household. Don and my dad, who also took on a lot of responsibility at an early age, were from a generation in which families did what they had to do. If a family member needed assistance or a place to stay for a while, you took them in your home.
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