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January 19, 2019

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

WEBCommentary.com News, Politics, and Commentary -  daily commentary about news, politics, and other topics including conservative, liberal, environmental, constitutional, objectivist, and libertarian issues.

House Committee FISA Memo - Released: February 2, 2018 (pdf)

January 19, 2019:


  • Lawrence Rosner (Founder, The Society Project)

    Friend ..Goood. Fire ... Bad. Black Women ...good..victims. White men ... bad..oppressors.
    Frankenstein monster.. on Broadway assembled from Black Women's false history of Dead White Dr.
    https://www.tdf.org/stages/article/2077/how-enslaved-women-helped-give-birth-to-modern-day-gynecology ---------------------------- What a culture. George Orwell was right. History is created by the ones in power. Today the liberal left grant that status to Black Women. I will not use the term "African-American" which is an insult to black people born on the Islands and White people born in Africa. In fact creating division based on race is insulting to any civilized human being. This new play changes historical facts to create a false narrative of black women slaves used as experimental subjects against their will cruelly without Anesthesia to create modern day gynecology. These victimized black slaves, this false narrative claims, deserve the credit not the filthy White Mengele style Dr. Sims. Statues of him were taken down by brain dead creatures of the left who can only see history through the opaque lens of their prejudice against white people, especially of the south. The truth is Anesthesia was not yet discovered. All the women gave consent and in fact urged the doctor to perform repeated surgeries to fix the constant leakage of urine and feces caused by difficult births that kept them trapped, ostracized and in constant pain. With their consent he used the speculum he invented to be able to see where and how to suture and cured every one of them. This procedure has saved thousands of lives from torture and suicide. Not to give credit and , even worse, make money off the defamation of the father of gynecology, by a bunch of racist black women haters is an outrage. Here is the truth from an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics and published by the National Institute of health. ...
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  Religion & Philosophy in the News

January 18, 2019:

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • Viv Forbes (Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition)

    Ten Reasons for Australia to Exit Paris Now
    Every Australian politician should understand the dangers in the Paris Climate Agreement
    The USA's President Trump wasted no time scuttling the participation of the United States in the costly nonsensical Paris Climate Agreement, participation in which damages a nations' economy for no perceivable impact on global climate. The deeply-flawed "greenhouse" climate change theory is testified against by its own family of climate projection models that consistently, like the flawed theory, over-project global temperature. It's time to reassess whether humans have any impact on global climate. This article highlights ten reasons why Australian politicians should seriously consider emulating the action of USA President Donald J. Trump.
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January 15, 2019:

  Breaking News!

January 13, 2019:

  Corruption in Government

  Politically Correct Insanity

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